Mudinmar, Customs Brokers Spain

Welcome to Mudinmar, Customs Brokers Spain.

Are you a mover and have no idea who you can rely on to clear customs in Spain? Mudinmar can help! Drop us an e-mail to and we will be happy to assist.

We are customs brokers specialized in household goods and vehicles, not general cargo.
We can clear in ferry customs like Bilbao or Santander and even in road customs as Irún or La Junquera
Taxation management and pre-payment of duties
Own branches in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona & weekly groupages to the Balearics and Canary Islands
We can help you out with your moves in Spain; full packing service, deliveries, parking permits, vans, elevators, packing material, free surveys and so on
English & friendly speaking staff
We can help you out with back loads as well

We operate at all customs in Spain

We operate at any spanish port, ferry customs points like Santander & Bilbao and road customs like Irún or La Junquera

Avoid delays in your shipments by reducing the risk of your goods being held up at customs.

Reduce the risk of penalties

Improve the management of your shipments to other EU and non-EU countries.

Receive support with all the operations and administrative procedures necessary to authorise the exit or entry of goods into Spanish territory.

We complete the SAD = UCD – IMPORT DECLARATION (Single Administrative Document) document for the import and export of goods.

LAME Custom warehouse in Valencia

Meaning of LAME: Warehouse authorized for export goods

You can clear at our Valencia warehouse, you do not need to be stacked and customs border

Park your truck in our 7.000 sqm facilities, 24 h videosurveilled

Go up to the office, delivery the documents and wait our team to clear the shipment

Pay cash, credit card or bank transfer

Weighing machine to check if you are overloaded

For any urgent matter, you can contact our representatives from 8am to 19 pm non stop


Name: Gregorio Martínez

Company Name: Mudinmar Customs Brokers Spain

Mobile: +34630683148
Office: +34963974383 Ext 101