Removals Manager Ltd.

Removals Manager is a comprehensive and user friendly office and surveying application for removals and storage companies, designed to make your time more efficient, streamlining the way you survey jobs, email documents to your customers and manage your workload.

Olly is the guy with the removals background, having successfully built up his company from scratch in the West Sussex area. Olly has over 15 years of experience in the removals and storage business.

Paul is the guy responsible for (most of) the coding. Paul began his career as a web developer 20 years ago, delivering major projects for the likes of Teletext, Motorcycle News, This Is Travel and Holidays TV.

We are dedicated to providing you,the UK’s removals and storage companies, with the best possible system to manage your business, saving you time and effort, increasing your professionalism and freeing up your valuable time for other more pressing needs.

At Removals Manager we never ask our clients to pay for system upgrades and are always happy to consider developing new features that make your life easier. We never ask you to pay for those development upgrades either. From the smallest little details to major upgrades our policy is that if it improves our software, we will add it in.


“We use Removals Manager and it’s the best monthly investment I’ve ever made. I’ve been using it now for the last 6 months and as you can see my personal posts I’ve seemed to have found a good work life balance and spending more time with family and friends. It does everything you need from the input of customers details. Sends all letters and emails, invoicing, receipts, works out all your quotes and keeps track of everything. It creates every report you need to track your progress of your business. It’s the bees knees and would recommend it to anyone. There are loads of products like this that can be expensive.
I also find it the best tool ever for using it on the road. You can also access this from anywhere.” – Smilers Removals

“It’s excellent, I recommend it to anyone!” – Scotts of Somersetan class=” UFICommentActorAndBody”>Best thing I ever did is get removals manager software” – Jorvik Removals and Storage

“Hi Olly, just wanted to say thanks to you and Paul for all your help in setting up Removals Manager. You’ve been really patient and very helpful. I will be recommending you guys” – Armstrong Removals & Storage

“I’m new to the system and looks I’m a quick learner too thanks to Olly and Paul this system has already helped me bin all the paperwork I used to store. I’ve only just started and already I have taken bookings as everything is smooth and efficient the client gets everything they ask for within minutes. Very easy to use would highly recommend. Customer service is the best I’ve had, emails and queries get dealt with promptly” – BG Removals

“For a few years we tested other Software packages (even subscribing to one major one) but felt uncomfortable with their clunky nature and poor support.  So when we saw RM at the show last year we were excited by the potential we felt it offered. And we have not been disappointed. RM is cloud based and this was a concern but has proven to be quick, responsive and very reliable. ” – Smooth Move & Store

Facebook thread: Removals manager or [Competitor name]? And why??

A: “Removals Manager. I’ve used both systems (referring to a competitor), Removal Manager wins hands down on usability , price , development and support. Paul is always available if you need something bespoke for your system. All training is free. Great Company!!” – Beck Removals

“I would just like to say thank you to Paul and Olly at Removals Manager who have been fantastic.
We purchased Removals Manager a couple of months ago.  At first I was struggling to get my head around it and now we are up and running and everything seems to be going great! We asked for a few things to be tweaked and added or altered and they have done this for us. Would highly recommend!” – Near & Far Removals

“Get on great with this software, has made the everyday running of my business so much easier, from quoting through to invoicing, I highly recommend this to anyone!!” – DPH Removals

‘Removals Manager really is a fantastic tool to have for your business. I started using it this year and OMG life is so much easier now and we also look even more professional’ – Fair City Removals

I signed up in December, and stared at blankly for weeks, with Olly’s patience and perseverance, I started trying it and am now starting to see the fantastic benefits it can bring. I actually did a quote today and had emailed it to the client within 5 minutes of being back in the van, can’t recommend Removals Manager and Olly and Paul enough!It’s Your Move Ilkley Ltd

‘Damn guys. You are really good! It refreshing to deal with a company that cares about customer service like this. Thanks for everything.’ – iMove

‘This system is out of this world, I don’t know how I coped without it!!’ – TXM Movers

Contact .. Olly Sampson
Phone 07872 551744