U.K.Fuels Ltd

If you’re new to fuel cards, chances are you’ve been keeping your fleet on the road using cash, reimbursing driver expenses, company credit cards or a mixture of all three. This is highly inefficient and opens your business up to fraud.

You can reduce your fuel bill and save money at the pump with significantly cheaper fuel.
Also save money in the office with simple VAT reclaiming.Save up to 5p per litre on national average prices.Save up to 10p per litre on every motorway litre.Save time with less paperwork.

U.K.Fuels are offering a unique package for Move Assured members.

A weekly discounted price based on the total usage of all Move Assured members.
A regular update of the following weeks prices.
Cards covering three major fuel supply networks.
Weekly invoicing.
No non usage charges.
No annual fees.
Unlimited number of cards to cater for any sized fleet.
Move Assured embossed cards.

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