Woods Packaging for Removals Boxes

Woods packaging have been suppliers to the Removals industry for many years. We carry everything any Removal Company could want from boxes to blankets and everything in between. We offer a service of which we are rightly proud.
We stock a vast range of removal boxes. We have our own dedicated delivery team and are equipped to deliver country wide and also with quick response delivery times. We can offer personalised removal boxes with your company name and / or logo. Theses are such a great advertising opportunity to not only have your company name advertised on the actual move, but will carry on getting exposure throughout the boxs useful life.
We do however offer so much more than just removal boxes.
We offer polythene products for mattress,carpet, sofas, chairs and storage.
There are quilted multi use protection covers for doors, door jams, banisters, sofas, chairs, tables, table legs, mattresses, white goods, large fridges, microwaves, tv covers in vsrying sizes and picture and mirror bags.
All of the above can be customised with your own logo for great brand imaging.
We also stock a vast range of other removal packaging and sundry products.
Portable robe cartons for transporting hanging clothes in a clean a tidy and clean condition so they do not get creased in transit.
Sack barrows for ease of transporting multiple boxes in one go to make the moving process easier.
Piano trollys/ dollys to move those heavy items safely and securely.
Piano shoes in different sizes. Theses are essential items when moving a grand piano. They come in different sizes to cover everything from a baby grand right through to a concert grand.
We stock vast quantities of bubblewrap in varying sizes plus reams and reams of tissue paper.

Woods Packaging for the removals industry.

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