Application Form

We aim to give small to medium sized removal companies membership at a subscription rate that is affordable and fair. Send in your application now to learn more.
  1. You will need to be connected to a printer when applying as there are forms to print.
  2. Once you have completed the forms please scan and email all three to us and we will then start the first stage of our process.
  3. One of the forms is a Standing Order mandate. Please make the first payment date one month on from this application. If your application is unsuccessful this mandate will be shredded by ourselves.
  4. Once our initial checks have been completed we will invoice you for a one off payment of £36 cover set up fees
  5. Once this has been received we will complete the remainder of the application process.
  6. We will invite you to our Move Assured Members Only Group on Facebook where we will introduce you and your company to our family. Within this group you will be able to interact with other likeminded people with the same professional standards and generally chat, ask for and offer advice, and ask for and offer assistance .
  7. We will create you an active profile on our Move Assured website which can be seen by the public and other Movers.
  8. We will then confirm how many vehicles you have. You will then be sent your Certicate of Accreditation, Logos for vehicles, and some Moving Packs to start you off. You will also be emailed a logo in pdf form to put on your own website. This should be made interactive as that helps your SEO through having interactive links.
  9. At any time during this process we can be contacted by phone or email to answer any questions you may have.