Application Form

Thank you for applying for membership of Move Assured.

We aim to offer membership of Move Assured  to professional Removal Companies,  small, medium and large,  at a subscription rate that is affordable and fair. Send in your application now to learn more.


  1. Once we receive this completed application form we will invoice you for £40 plus vat before commencing our initial checks. These checks will include checking your website content, Social Media Business page, reviews and contacting your insurers to verify your insurance details. We will also contact any Move Assured members in your area to update them of your application.
  2. Once these checks have been completed and any advice we have offered has been followed through you will then be emailed with membership payment options including instructions for setting up your Standing Order or the ability to pay an annual subscription which offers you two months free. Please use your company name as Reference.
  3. Once either payment option is received we will invite you to our Members Only group on Facebook where we will introduce you and your company to our family. Within this group you will be able to interact with other likeminded people with the same professional standards and generally chat, ask for and offer advice and assistance.
  4. At the same time we will be busily creating an active profile for you on our Move Assured Website which will offer details that showcase your company with the services you offer and also reviews and recommendations This will promote your company to the general public and other Movers.
  5. We will now Accredit your company!! You will be sent vehicle logos, a framed certificate for your office plus moving packs to get you started. We will also email a logo in pdf form to put on your website. This should be made interactive as that helps your SEO through having interactive links.
  6. At any time during this process we can be contacted by phone or email to answer any questions you may have.

Once you are a certified member you can apply for the following

  • Fuel Cards .. Our fuel cards offer discounted fuel prices covering four national brand providers.
  • Breakdown Cover .. We offer a pay on use cover for under £30 p.a. that covers the UK and Europe.
  • Cube Calculator .. This app is perfect for calculating the volume from any form of inventory. The cost of this is £25.00 plus vat per annum.
  • We aim to give small to medium sized removal companies membership at a subscription rate that is affordable and fair. Send in your application now to learn more.
  • Please note when completing the application form that the last word of the Code of Conduct  does NOT start with a capital letter.