10 Top Tips When Looking To Move Into Rented Accommodation

Are you moving into a rental property?
One of the most important documents is the rental agreement.  Not only do you need to read it properly but you must be sure to understand it.
Top Tips
1. Who is responsible for what. Inside and outside decorating, heating systems,  electricity and drainage. Doors and windows, roof and gutters. Take time to read and familiarise yourself with the rental agreement and dont be afraid to ask questions.
2. Check yourself that all the services are there and in good working order, dont just assume. Electrics, take something small that you can plug in and test every single plug socket. Gas, try the cooker or the boiler. Heating, does it work well and do you understand the controls. Alarms, how to set and disable,  test to check that they work.
3. Water, where is the Stop Cock and does it work. Try every tap, even an outside one. Turn on all radiators to see that they work and don’t leak. Flush each toilet and turn on the shower. When looking at these water related items check also for any signs of damp near them.
4. Windows, do they open and close securely,  do they have keys, are they cracked or misted.
5. Front and back doors, do you have spare keys and are the security locks in good working order.
6. Take photos, lots of them. Any problems that may appear in the future may rely on photos taken prior to moving in. Every mark, damage or paint chip should be recorded.
7. Garden , check condition of flower pots that may be there plus sheds and garage. Ensure that no previous tenants goods have been left in them.
8. Common ground, do you share a drive, garden or even a clothes drying area. Are these in good condition.
9. Examine gutters and downpipes for any sign of damage, blockage or leaks.
10. Security,  outside lights, cameras and alarms.  Are they working and are any alarms under contract.With these steps taken you can be a little bit more confident that this is the home for you.
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