How To Keep Your Furniture Safe When Moving House



Your house, hopefully, is your safe haven, your bubble of comfort, your comfortable cocoon where you can relax in familiar surroundings.
That familiarity is created by your surroundings, your actual house, but even more by the furniture and personal possessions that you customise it with. These are often worth more to you than the monetary value of them.
So now it is time to entrust the moving of your precious items to your chosen removal company.
How will they protect you furniture ?
Many will say that they use full furniture protection, but do you know what they mean by that or even what options of protection is available?
On arrival your crew may well utilise a padded door cover. These fit over your front door and will help to protect your door plus keep the furniture going through the doorway safe.

Floor covering is another option, usually for the hallway and stairs.

When going up the stairs then quilted bannister covers are available.

Moving into the lounge the same covers are there for TVs, sofas, chairs and even picture/mirror bags.

In the bedroom you can have quilted mattress covers to keep your mattress safe, clean and free from any scuff marks.

Table and chair covers are also really handy for total protection against damage. Chairs especially as they are difficult to stack on the removal lorry safely.

There are others but these will give you an idea of what is on offer.
Always check that your chosen company uses adequate protective measures and for added peace of mind ensure they are members of Move Assured

Your Assurance of a Successful Move