Are You Moving And Taking An Older Car? What Is E10 Petrol?

Do you have an older car that’s been sat in your garage for a while?

Are you moving house and looking to drive it to your new home?

If you have not driven it for a while then you need to be aware of these changes to petrol grades.

You may have noticed that petrol stations across the UK recently started to sell a new type of fuel called E10.
This is a more environmentally friendly fuel that contains less crude oil and more Ethanol than the previous petrol E5.
This new grade fuel is being introduced to help reduce CO2 emissions from petrol cars. By increasing the ethanol content in this fuel cars will produce less CO2 which in turn will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Most petrol cars in the UK can use E10, that includes all new petrol cars since 2011 and many of those produced between 2000 and 2011. Whatever the year it is advisable to check so that you do not damage your engine.
Older cars than this will almost certainly require E5.
At this moment there is not looking to be any price difference between the two but of course that could possibly change in the future.

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