Can I Put Garden Furniture Into Store?

The answer is yes, you can, but you must prepare it first.
You do not want to store garden furniture if there is any mud, grass, mould or any other foreign bodies attached to any of it.
The simple answer is to jet wash everything. Remember those hard to get to places, maybe do the tops and sides and then turn over for any hidden recesses.
Ensure that everything is completely dry before storing as wet metal can encourage rust and wet or damp wood create rot.
Use this time to do any repairs or upkeep needed, painting metal and repairing wood.
Storage is charged according to the space used so it is a good idea to flat pack everything that you can. This not only saves space but makes transporting the furniture so much easier.
If there are glass table tops then protect with cardboard and bubble wrap and clearly mark FRAGILE.
For more storage advice contact your nearest removal/storage company.