Help, I Am Moving And It Is Nearly Christmas !

Christmas is an exciting time that many of us look forward to every year, lots to do and prepare for. Add moving house into the mix plus the issues raised with Covid19 and that means organisation is key.

December is usually a very busy month for removal companies as there is a rush for people to complete their move before Christmas. For this reason it is wise to book your mover as soon as possible.
Confirm your moving date and, if packing yourself, make sure you have boxes to avoid any last minute panic.

This is a winter move so make sure that your chosen mover will supply floor protection if it is a rainy or snowy day plus furniture protection also, whilst loading the lorry. For yourselves keep rainwear, hats, gloves and umbrellas handy and not packed onto the lorry.

Check the long/ medium range weather forecast. Will you need salt for ice or shovels for snow? You may need to clear paths or de ice them before the crew arrive. As the homeowner it is your responsibility to ensure a safe working environment for everyone involved in the actual move itself.

The move could easily start and/ or finish in the dark so torches and plug in industrial lamps would be very useful. Spare bulbs for the new house would be good as you wont know if any are blown or missing until you get there.

To avoid a last minute rush it is a good idea to order or collect any food in plenty of time. Maybe tea and biscuits for the removal crew and soup and crusty bread for the family. All quick and easy to do.

You may well have presents that are wrapped and labelled. Make sure that these are packed into boxes for protection, if not the fragile wrapping could get torn and the labels come of. What a nightmare that would be with no way of knowing who each parcel has been wrapped for!!

This is a magical time, especially for the children. Christmas memories are special and often remembered fondly for ever. Try to get into the mindset of ‘ it is Christmas and we are also moving ‘ rather than ‘ we are moving and it is also Christmas ‘.

No Christmas comes without a challenge or two so look at moving as just another challenge and above all have a lovely Christmas.

We wish everyone a Happy Christmas,   a Merry New Year  and above all a healthy and safe 2021

From all of the Move Assured members  🎄🎄🎁🎁
Picture courtesy of Reds Removals