Help! I Am Moving House And Taking Plants


Taking plants with you when moving house shouldn’t be a problem but does need some thought and forward planning.
When you sell your house all your furnishings are known as fixtures and fittings including plants and bushes that are growing and planted in your garden, whereas plants growing in pots don’t come under this category. It needs to be made clear from the start what you intend to take with you and creating a descriptive list will help with this. Make sure that your solicitor and also your buyer have that list and agree to it in writing, for an amicable move all parties need to be clear about which plants are staying and those that are not.
If the time of the year allows for it then prune all that you can and move plants into a covered area if possible. This will give them time to dry out a bit so that they dont cover the removal lorry in water. You can keep them hydrated during this time with the use of a spray for the foliage.
If you are digging up plants then try to retain some earth around the roots but not so much that they are too heavy. Wrap and seal the root ball in a plastic sheet and if you are moving in winter, then some may benefit from covering them with sacking or bubble wrap for extra insulation.
Make sure that you have made your removal company aware of exactly what and how many you are taking.
Most furniture can be wrapped and stacked to utilise all the space on the lorry. Plants however cannot be stacked on each other in the same way so it is important to keep to the list that you have given your mover. If you add more then there is the risk that the extra ones cannot be taken.
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