Helpful Tips For A Smoother Move

Moving House ? Try the following to make moving easier.

Moving house requires months of planning, of talking to Estate Agents, visiting Solicitors, negotiating with Banks, planning with Mortgage Advisers and finally liaising with your chosen Removal Company , all culmilating in one or two days of the actual physical act of moving.
At the end of moving day you wave goodbye to the removal crew and shut the front door to your new home.
Heaven, or is it ?
It can be if you have utilised this little tip, and that is to have a ‘ Bits Box ‘.
The most common hiccup once you are in your new home is not knowing where certain essential items are. The tv remote, the phone chargers, the screws for the bed, your little ones favourite teddy, the corkscrew, or any other small item that could be misplaced during the move.
The ‘ Bits Box ‘ needs to be clearly marked and used for all those little bits to keep them all in one place. You should start to use it directly you start the packing process right up to the time you lock the door to your previous home.
It does not need to be a large box but it does need to stand out from all your other boxes. Maybe use a childrens colouring set and make it bright red or yellow, or buy a small multicoloured one, just to ensure it is kept separate.
A well planned move is a happy move.
Talk to your chosen removal company for further advice on packing and what options they offer.
You will always get helpful and professional advice if they are members of Move Assured.

Your Assurance of a Successful Move