How Can I Be Confident In Choosing A Removal Company?

Moving house is a major change in your life and there are many different things to consider. It usually starts with looking at the area that you want to move to, putting your house on the market and then researching for one to buy. You will have to engage a solicitor and an estate agent and maybe organise a survey on the new property.
Then comes the big day when you are looking to have your whole home contents moved in a removal lorry. You will have a crew to load every item into the lorry, securing safely and protecting from damage. You may even employ them to pack all the boxes for extra peace of mind. At the new property they will unload and put everything where it is meant to go with the same care.
This is a skilled job that requires careful planning by the removers office staff, a bespoke vehicle that is suitable for the job in hand, a trained crew that can work together as a team and the correct protective covers to complete the move professionall y.
There are lots of removal companies but how do you choose which one is right for you?
A good starting point would be to ask friends who they used as recommendations are really helpful. Look for positive reviews on social media or on the Removers company website. When looking at their website look for real photos, this can give you a really good insight about the company.
To give maximum peace of mind see if they are members of a Removals Trade Organisation. This usually means that they have passed certain criteria and are a recognised professional company.
One such Organisation is Move Assured.

To find your nearest Accredited Move Assured member visit

Photo courtesy of VEO Moves