How Can I Plan For Storage?

Top Storage Tips.
Your chosen mover will organise the transport of your goods from your home to the storage depot, but is there anything that you can do first?
Fridges and leather goods have already been covered so what about everything else.
The general rule is to scrupulously clean everything to avoid small marks or stains becoming embedded and to also reduce the risk of mould forming.
Clean wooden furniture with a gentle soap and warm water ( check first on a spot area to ensure that no staining will occur) and dry completely.
Remove the legs from tables if possible. Wrap each leg separately for added protection. When removing the legs make an unobtrusive mark on each leg and also where it fits to the table, maybe numbers one to four. This will ensure each leg returns to its original position and you dont end up with a wobbly table.
For glass shelving you can bubblewrap first and then secure flat cardboard either side, making sure it is clearly labelled…GLASS FRAGILE…you can often then put individually wrapped shelves together, up to three shelves, and wrap again as one item. This creates a stronger pack than just one shelf.
With metalwork, clean with a mild soap and warm water, dry completely and wrap any parts that may be susceptible to scratching.
For hanging clothes, ask your mover to provide Portable Robe cartons.
These are basically cardboard wardrobes. Please keep in mind that these are cardboard and can collapse if overloaded.
If you have genuine silverware then this can tarnish over time. To help avoid this wrap all silverware in Acid Free Tissue paper.
When you pack your boxes ensure that they are packed with nothing that may crush at the bottom and are filled with no gaps to avoid boxes collapsing. Your mover should be able to offer a professional packing service option if required.
Ensure that everything is clearly labelled and also that you have a full inventory of everything going into storage.
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