How Can I Make Selling My Home Easier?

Tips on how to make your home more saleable.
A house is what we live in but a home is what we make a house into.
We surround ourselves with our possessions that are dear to us and reflect our own personality. We usually make our home our own comfortable place and go for the lived in look as opposed to ‘ show house ‘ look.
But now you are selling and will open your home to visits by potential buyers that are trying to imagine themselves living there.
You need to keep the homely image but to balance that with what the buyer will perceive.
A clean and tidy house will have the greatest impact. Prior to viewings try to have a minimum of clutter and hide away as much as possible.
A clear surface with a bowl of flowers or fruit is much more appealing than the treasured mementos of holidays. They are precious to you but your potential buyer will not see it through your eyes.
If you have a lot of things to hide away and not much room, then talk to you chosen removal company as they may be able to offer short term storage.
Clean the windows , first impressions count, even before the front door has been opened. An air freshener in the porch completes the welcome. Have any carpets cleaned that may need it. Failing that then vacuum and follow up with a carpet freshener.
Polish all mirrors and even invest in some new comfy cushions for the sofa. Family photos are good, just a select few so as not to overwhelm.
Make sure that bedrooms are free from clothes, makeup or anything else that might detract from the peaceful space that you want the buyer to appreciate.
Spend time in the garage or sheds and get them neat, tidy and swept.
Cut the grass and jet wash any paving or decking.
If any flower pots are not looking their best, then go to the garden centre and buy some that are in bloom.
All of these steps will not take too much time or money and could be just what’s needed to get that all important sale.
Your chosen removal company should be able to help with a de clutter and storage.
Dont forget to check that they are members of Move Assured for your assurance of a successful move.

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