How Can I Store My Leather Sofa Safely?

Will My Leather Sofa Go Mouldy When In Storage?
Mould is the number one enemy of leather. It is created by combining moisture and micro organisms.
Preparing your leather Sofa for storage correctly is so important to ensure that it stays in good condition.
Start off with a totally dry sofa, if necessary keep in an extra warm room overnight, removing all cushions etc that can be removed.
Clean every surface with a recognised leather cleaner or a mild soap such as baby shampoo. Get into all the creases and folds.
Dry completely, even using a hair dryer on low to ensure that there can be no trace of moisture left.
When using anything other than a specialized leather cleaner do a spot test somewhere unobtrusive and allow to dry before proceeding with the whole sofa. Clean every part of the sofa to ensure that all parts retain the same look and shading.
As there are different finishes of leather it is important that the correct cleaner is used. The leather may be Full Grain, Anoline Dyed, Nurbuck or other. Not all cleaners are suitable for all surfaces so check with the manufacturer/makers label or even phone them for advice.
If you are moving into storage in the winter then let your mover know the steps that you have taken so that they can ensure that it is covered and protected to remain dry.
Now we have done everything that we can to eliminate micro organisms we should look at moisture in the actual storage container.
There are many moisture absorbers that you can buy to be put with your furniture. How many and what strength will depend on two main factors, what sort of storage and length of time on storage.
Metal shipping containers are more prone to creating moisture than wooden container crates, however in some cases they are foam lined to lessen the incidence of moisture.
With whatever system is used then the longer the storage period then either more absorbers are needed or even replaced at a given period of time.
Unless your remover has done all of the above themselves as part of the paid removals services they will not know how efficiently the cleaning has been done. For this reason they cannot usually be held responsible if there is evidence of mould when coming out of store.