How Do I Move My Grand Piano?

Are you moving house and have a Grand Piano ? Do you have concerns about the process of transporting it safely.
Do you know the steps to take and in what order ?

If your question is “can I move my Grand Piano Myself ?”
The answer to this should be a resounding NO !
Unless you have previous experience then this is a job best left to the experts.
The difficulty and complexity of the work involved will increase according to size. A ‘Baby Grand’ will be easier and quicker than a ‘Concert Grand’ plus in all likelihood the larger one may well be worth considerably more.
Make sure that your Removal Company is made aware of what size and also, of course, aware that you require them to dismantle, relocate and reassemble.
Talk to them about the value and ensure that their level of insurance is adequate as a very expensive one may have to be added separately.
Make sure that they are aware of any issues there may be when moving into your new home.
Many lifts are too small to accommodate them and stairs with bends can also be a problem.
It is a skilled job and there can be around 20 steps to take to dissmantle and these have to be carried out in the correct order.

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