How Do I Pack Fragile Ornaments Safely When Moving House?

Is bubblewrap best for intricate fragile ornaments?
The answer is a definite NO. It is fine for smooth edged fragiles, plates, cups, vases etc but for ornaments with delicate parts, maybe a ceramic hand with fingers, then bubblewrap is not recommended. The reason for this is that the bubblewrap can catch on the delicate parts and cause damage when unwrapping. You may not notice that a ceramic finger has pierced the bubblewrap and when unpacking it can snap off.
For all these fragile items you should use tissue paper. This can be purchased in a pack called a ream from your removal company or your nearest self storage facility.
Do not use old newspapers as these are not soft and pliable enough for the level of protection needed.
If you are packing genuine silverware then you should use Acid Free tissue to avoid staining or marking the silver surfaces.
The best method is to scrunch up enough sheets of tissue
together to form a soft block. Now push it into a shape resembling a shell so that one half of the ornament will fit into it. Now do the same for the other side. Lastly wrap the whole in tissue to form a secure package.
Now when you unwrap it the two sides can be removed without danger of any part catching and breaking.
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