How Hard Can It Be To Move Myself?

The truth about moving yourself.
There are three main costs when moving house. Estate Agent, Solicitor and Moving Company.
It is natural to look at all of these and see if you can make any savings.
One saving that is often looked at is moving yourself. At first this can seem an attractive option which may also look like fun.
Before this is considered there are a few questions to ask yourself.
If you are buying as opposed to renting then you have to be fully clear of your property by around 1.00 o clock.
You have to be sure that you have the correct sized vehicles to get all your goods on, you cannot go back for a second trip. If you cannot do that there can be financial penalties. Professional removals companies have a range of specialized vehicles and the expertise to know what size vehicle to allocate.
Let’s look at the positives of moving yourself :

1. Potential of saving money.
2.A fun day with friends and family involved.
3. The feeling of achievement by being in control of the day.

Know let’s look at the negatives of moving yourself:

1. Hiring a vehicle that you maybe unfamiliar with. A hired 7.5 tonne vehicle will have a very high damage excess. Catching the lorry on an overhanging tree branch could cost you anything up to £1,000 .
That would be any financial savings wiped out.
2. The vehicle will not come with any of the specialised furniture protection that a removal company may use. No quilted covers, floor covers, sack barrows or furniture ties.
3. Add to this your crew being inexperienced loaders and packers may be unable to keep to the time frame required to pack and load your house by the deadline on moving day.
4. How good are you at judging the correct sized vehicle. As mentioned earlier there can be a penalty for not clearing everything in one go.
5. Employing a professional company means you have access to either a packing service or if packing yourself then the correct size and strength boxes at a cheaper price than most other outlets.
6. Expert advice. Employing a removals company means that you have help and advice from the start. They will have the experience to advise on timelines, payment terms, packing, dismantling, re assembling, parking and a host of other issues that may arise.
7. Backup options. If any hiccups should occur on moving day then a professional company will have the ability to arrange overnight storage and be there for you.
8. To load your complete household contents onto a vehicle, carrying them safely to that vehicle, securing safely on that vehicle and finally unloading into your new property is an art that friends and family may not have. The potential for damage is immense. A removal company will have the skills to minimise the risk of damage and can also offer their own insurance for your peace of mind.

To summarise, you need to ask, are the potential problems of a move carried out by unskilled workers, handling your precious goods, worth the savings that you may make ?
There is a saying ‘ if you think that hiring a professional is expensive then just see what it will cost when you hire an amateur ‘

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