How To Choose The Best Removal Company For Your Move.


Every house is different, every move is different and every removal company is different.
So how do you decide which one to choose ?
Firstly make a list of your requirements and put them in order of importance.
You may well have in your list of things to look for
1. Price
2. Local Company
3. Family Business.
4. Able to pack for you.
5. Offer storage facilities.
6. Good reviews.
7. Smart vehicles and crew.
8.Enticing website.
9. Recommended by friends.
10. Confidence with care of your precious furniture.
11. Good communications.
12. Member of a recognised Trade Organisation.

The first step is take the advice of people you know that have used the company before. The next step is to look at their website, does it show you real pictures of vehicles and crew ? Does it give a professional image ? Does the company offer packing, storage or any other services that you need ? Does it fill you with confidence ?

Next is to contact them to arrange an estimate, this will be the first point at which you will be able to judge communication skills.
You will get a better feel for the company once the surveyor has been to assess the move.
You will then receive a written quotation for your consideration.

Let’s assume you have now had quotes from more than one company.
Now is the difficult part, your head may want to guide you towards the lowest price, but this is where you have to look at what level of service you are looking for.

Moving house is not an everyday occurrence and a poorly executed move is something you will remember for a long time as an unsettling memory, whereas a good move will put a smile on your face and make you glad you booked on service and not on price. Quality is always worth paying for.

Is your mover accredited ?
Move Assured members are accredited and checked and work to a set Code of Conduct. You can research the profile and reviews for each member on
You can also request a quote for your move on the same website.

Your Assurance of a Successful Move