How To Send Up To Five Boxes Anywhere In The World

Nowship is a respected worldwide shipper in the USA and is also now covering the U.K. with the ability to ship to almost anywhere in the world.
Nowship are proud to say that as an affiliate of Move Assured all members have the ability to offer worldwide shipping of small box deliveries. Your nearest Move Assured member will be able to organise delivering empty boxes to you and collecting full ones further to Shipping to your final destination.
Nowship offer worldwide door to door within 3-9 days with insurance included. Any requests that come directly to Nowship will be passed on to the nearest member.
Nowship is very well established in the USA and is offering the same service in the U.K. in conjunction  with Move Assured and all our members.
When you go onto The Move Assured website, you will see World Wide Parcel Service on the toolbar. Fill in the form and request a quotation. Couldn’t be more simple and its a really excellent service offered by Nowship in conjunction with Move Assured Members. Any questions speak with John  07771870538

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