Moving House To Manchester, I Need Packing Boxes.

Is Moving To Manchester A Good Idea?

If you are thinking about moving, then there are many reasons to make the move to Manchester. It is one of the most welcoming places in the UK but what else makes this great city so appealing?

It is a centre of global culture whose diverse achievements include canals, iconic dance music, the birthplace of so many great bands, modern computer science and of course Coronation Street not forgetting City and United football teams.  Manchester is home to these two, the most well known football teams in the world. It hosts the Ethiad Stadium and Old Trafford plus the National Football Museum. Items on display include the very first football rule book, one of the original FA Cup trophies, and player kits from some of the most memorable games in football history including shirts worn by players during the 1966 World Cup final.

Manchester is a modern city with a diverse mixture of cultures with people from all over the world creating an eclectic mix that makes this great city a cultural haven.

Students that study in Manchester love it so much they often decide to remain in the city after finishing their studies.

Manchester is also one of the best places for live music anywhere in the world, there are literally hundred of gigs to choose from in every form from the small club or pub, the local theatres to the impressive Manchester Arena.

It has some of the most exciting bars and restaurants in the country!

When you think about the variety and quality of bars and restaurants in Manchester you realise that the choice is almost unlimited, Chinese, Asian, African, Japanese, French or Italian to name just a small selection of the ethnic eateries on offer. 

It  has an all encompassing craft beer scene, with microbreweries such as Blackjack, Brightside, The Epicurean, and Marble all found in and around the city.

So the decision has been made to Move to Manchester, that should put a smile on your face. 

The next step is to choose a removal company. 

You need a company that will provide a professional, uniformed, smart and knowledgeable team. They will need to be experienced in packing safely for your move and can provide the correct packing materials, protective covers and suitable vehicles. They will be able to offer strong removal boxes,  parcel tape, tissue paper, portable robe cartons and anything else that you may need for your move.

How do you find such a company?

Go to

the trade organisation that promotes professional and accredited removal companys.