Keeping Your Fish Safe When Moving Home

Moving your fish safely.
Whether you are moving fish from a garden pond or an indoor tank many of the principals are the same. If you are moving tropical fish then minimum temperatures are more important than for pond fish.
You will need to completely empty the tank and transfer your fish into strong poly bags filled with the tank water.  You can then get larger polystyrene containers to keep the bags in during transit.
Transport in the car boot or footwell and be aware of temperature changes. If it is a long journey then consider a battery driven air pump.
Top Tips:
1. Do not feed for 24 hours prior to moving, they will then produce less waste which can be toxic in a reduced water volume in an enclosed space.
2. Protect with cardboard and then bubble wrap your tank. If possible take the tank  in your car rather than put onto your removal lorry.
3. Double bag the fish to ensure that a leak in the first bag wont be a disaster.
4. Leave an air gap in the bags to minimise low oxygen levels.
5. If you have to stop during your journey then park in the shade if a hot day. Keep stops to the shortest duration possible.
6. Bag up plants in the same way with some tank water to ensure that they are healthy and fresh .
7. Bag up all of the tank water so that there is as little change as possible from the original environment.
8. At your new home fill the tank from the water bags. Then float the fish bags in that for a while to allow the temperatures to become equal.
9. When ready to introduce the fish just make a hole in the bag and allow a gentle transition to the tank water.
10. Monitor regularly for nitrate and ammonia levels.

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