Moving Back To The U.K. Useful Information


Are you living abroad and returning to the U.K. ?
We are living in a world where unlawful people look for ways to transport illegal items from one country to another. The U.K. is a preferred destination and as such, removal companies are required to complete due diligence to ensure that they are certain of the legality of every item on their truck. To this end it is advisable for you to employ them to do your packing. If you have wrapped and packed all of your items yourself the remover would have no indication of the contents and they may even take the decision to unpack and then re pack. Alternatively you may be asked to sign a waiver form.
Your remover may also require you to verify your identity, one way is to take a photo of you whilst holding your opened passport. An inventory of all of your items is also needed and is a requirement if the vehicle is stopped at border control.
These measures may at first seem a little extreme however if you are using a professional removals company then you will expect them to have the knowledge to know what is required to operate legally.
If anything untoward is discovered on their lorry they will have to prove that due diligence has been carried out to remain within the law.
Choose your company with care and realise that their procedures are there for a purpose. Liase with the removal company from the start, they will be able to advise on all aspects of your move including items that you cannot take plus a comprehensive timeline.
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