How To Pack Your Own House Ready For Moving.


If you opt to do your own packing then it is recommended that you start well in advance of your proposed move day to avoid last minute panic.
Get your movers advice on box size and quality. Do not use thin or poor quality boxes as you want maximum protection for your treasured goods. If you are putting anything into bags then try to use either fabric/ strong bags with handles. If you do use ‘ black bin bags ‘ then please please use good quality strong ones and tie the tops to avoid contents spilling out. Also only pack soft stuff in bags, bedding, pillows etc.


When assembling boxes please note that it is not a good practice to overfold/ tuck in as opposed to sealing with good quality parcel tape.
Firstly tape the base of each box securely and protect all fragile with bubble wrap or tissue paper. Ensure that boxes are full as this will avoid crushing when they are stacked onto the removal lorry.

Seal the top with tape and if top and bottom tape can overlap then that will add extra strength to your packed box.


Use small boxes for books, fragile and China.

Use medium boxes for most other items ensuring that they are not too heavy ( the test is, can you lift it comfortably ? ).

Use large boxes for awkward items and for cushions, bedding etc.

Use robe cartons for hanging clothes ( but not heavy outdoor wear as these are unsuitable for a cardboard robe carton ).

It is also a good idea to have a ‘ bits box ‘. This will be designated for all the small things that you may otherwise not know where they are. For example screws etc from dis mantled furniture, TV remotes, spare keys for desks, wind up keys for  clocks and anything else that may otherwise be misplaced during the move.


Mark the boxes clearly on the top with what room they are to go to in the new house, this ensures your mover puts each box into the correct location.
Just leave the basics to pack on moving day, toiletries etc. Also it is a good idea to leave accessible the kettle and tea making items as yourself and the moving team will appreciate a cuppa to celebrate your exciting new venture.

It is always worth asking your chosen removal company about their packing service to help to make your Move easier and less time consuming.