Protect Your Data When Moving Home

New Home, New Car?
Have you given away your personal data when selling your car?Did you know that your car could potentially store similar data to your computer or smart phone?
The ability to link your phone to your car via bluetooth means that you can phone friends, send and receive texts or listen to your favourite music, all keeping within the law of ‘hands free ‘.
You can even install apps that track your car or even unlock it and use the phone as a ‘virtual key ‘.
Sounds wonderful all thanks to modern technology.
However  modern vehicles, private car or even work van, are technical marvels that are more than capable of storing our personal data including contact details plus the details contained in any apps that are downloaded. Would you sell your smart phone or tablet without removing every trace of your personal details first? of course not.The potential for trouble arrives when the owner comes to sell the car. If the phone is not disconnected and the account on the car and any additional information that’s been downloaded deleted, the new owner or owners could access it.
Data theft is an ever present threat and you are handing all your personal information to the new owner if you fail to wipe the car’s system when you sell your car.
Steps to take include deleting the connection between your car and phone. Find all connection devices on the car’s screen and delete all appropriate ones and delete the connection on your phone. If you then search on the car’s screen for any details and they appear then they have not been deleted and are still stored in the car’s memory.
You should find factory reset instructions on how to permanently remove data from the car in the Owners Manual.
If you are not sure then visit your local Franchised Dealer who should be able to help.

By 2026, it’s estimated that every new car will have the ability for owners to connect electronic mobile devices to them and identity theft, using people’s personal data, is already one of the UK’s fastest growing crimes.

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