Should I Move House Over The Easter Bank Holiday?

Moving over a four day bank holiday may seem like the best way to give yourself plenty of time to get settled in, it can however bring problems that are not at first obvious.
This is a very popular time slot for moving house and historically removal companies are overwhelmed with people wishing to move at the start of the bank holiday. Unless you have booked the slot early on you are likely to be ringing round to try to find an available mover. This can be extremely distressing and can lead to panic booking , this in turn leads you to ignore the quality and reputation of the company in your search for just anyone that can do the move.
If yours is a small move and you are doing it yourself then you may not need a removal company but be aware that if it is a sold move as opposed to rented then you cannot move in multiple trips and must empty your house by midday.
Ideally plan your move for at least a week before the bank holiday, that way you will avoid the stress of not being able to find an available removal company and you will have the time to research and choose with care based on research and reviews.
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