Storage, What Is The Best Option For Me?


The Answers To Your Questions About Storage 

There are many reasons why you may require storage, ranging from a gap in selling your old property and buying your new one or
it may be to empty a room or rooms for decorating. You may be having building work done or just need to free up some space.
There are two types of storage, one being what it says, just storage.
The other is called Self Storage.
Basic storage is a lower cost and you would not normally have access to your goods. This is perfect if you are looking at short term between properties or long term if you dont need access.
Self storage is more expensive but you will have access to your goods during working hours or whatever hours the company policy is.
This means that you can come and go at your leisure and add goods and remove goods. Great if you may need to get to tools or if long term, you may need to get to your winter or summer clothes.
Basic storage as offered by your removals company could be in either steel shipping containers or in wooden storage crates that are stacked in a warehouse. This is by far the most cost effective and can be organised with your removal company.
They will give you a price for moving to store and then a monthly cost.
It is a good idea at this stage to also get an idea of the cost when you are ready to move out. This gives you the peace of mind that there will be no nasty shocks. You should also discuss insurance at this stage. Go through the options with your remover and check the cost of adding insurance and take into consideration how much it would be to replace everything you have in store in the unlikely event of a fire or something similar.
Whatever option of storage you go for there are certain restrictions on what you can legally store.
The following is a guide and you should always check with your storer and also with their T&Cs. You cannot store any of the following.
Any illegal drugs, pornographic material, any flammable substances, any animals, plants or perishable foodstuffs.
Under the heading ‘flammable ‘ this includes all pressurised sprays, aerosols or similar. No paint, petrol, diesel, paraffin, oil or similar.
It is also advisable when putting goods into store to create an inventory. Talk to your removal company about this as they may well have a customised template.
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