What To Do For a Successful Video Survey When Moving House.

Information and guidance for your upcoming video call based quotation.

As video quotations are probably new to you we thought that the following guidance may prove useful.  It will give you an idea of what a video quotation involves and what will be required from yourself.

As you go into each room  you will need to inform us of any items that have conditions that we need to know about, extra heavy, extra fragile etc. You will also need to tell us which, if any, items may need dismantling and/or re assembling by ourselves. We will in all probability be asking questions as we look at the whole house.

Once we commence the video walk round we would like you to start at the front door. We need to see the front garden and importantly any access issues. We also need to be informed if there are any height or width restrictions that would impact our ability to get close to the property.

From the front door we will cover the ground floor room by room.

You will need to show us everything,  scanning the room slowly, and not forgetting inside cupboards. We can then proceed upstairs where we will repeat the process, looking in wardrobe etc.

If you have a loft then we will need to see inside, so good lighting is essential.  Please see our T&Cs regarding us entering your loft.

We will then proceed to the garden, making sure we are shown everything before proceeding to any sheds, outhouses or greenhouses.

Lastly we come to the garage and dont forget to show us anything stored in the eaves.

We will of course be talking to you and asking questions throughout.

This method of quoting can give us an accurate guide for assessing your move requirements whilst adhering to social distancing guidance.

We hope the video survey will prove interesting and informative and we very much look forward to joining you on it.