Stop. 🚫 Do You Know What Goods Are Classed As Prohibited When Storing?

What Does Prohibited Goods Mean When Booking Storage.
Ten Top Tips on Prohibited Goods.
There are many things that cannot be put into storage, many are obvious but some are not.
Any prohibited goods put into storage would risk invalidating any insurance cover you may have.
Excluded Goods.
1. Stolen Goods, Drugs, Pornographic Material, Potentially Dangerous, damaging or Explosive items such as Aerosols, Paints and/ or Ammunition.
2. Gas in any form, including empty Gas Cannisters of any description.
3. Liquid fuel, petrol, diesel, paraffin or any flammable or combustable fuel cannot be stored as they would pose a fire hazard.
4. Bulk liquid cleaning products.
5. Vehicle or machinery oil in any form, if you are storing mowers and the like, then all fuel and oil should be drained and stored elsewhere.
6. Jewellery, Watches, Trinkets, Precious Stones or Metals, Money, Deeds, Securities, Stamps, Coins or collections of or similar.
7. Any goods likely to encourage or even house vermin or other pests or to cause infestation or contamination.
8. Perishable items and/or those requiring a controlled environment.
9. Foodstuff, whether tinned, packet or dry.
10. Animals, birds, fish or any form of livestock plus stuffed animals, birds or any form of livestock.

Included in ‘gas and aerosols’ are such items as pressurized furniture polish, hair spray and any other pressure spray items.