Why Are My Plants Not Insured?

Why is there no insurance for plant pots ?
Your chosen mover will most probably have a clause in their T&Cs that is similar to the following:

‘ We accept no liability for any garden furniture, pots, plants etc due to the nature of weathering that can make such items unstable and/or brittle. ‘

The reason behind this is that it would be unreasonable to have insurance in place for an item that could already have unseen flaws and of which the safety and integrity cannot be guaranteed.

Pots and planters made of clay can absorb water and then a frost can cause them to crack. This is often not apparent until they are moved.
Gloss finished pots and planters are affected in the same way as clay.
Statues and water features suffer from water and frost ingress also.
Cement benches can last for years until moved and then are subject to breaking.
Parasols and Sun Loungers can look ok until moved, then the effects of sun and wind can show by the fabric becoming less durable.
Typically on trampolines and childrens toys the brittleness of ageing and weather can affect how robust they are.
Benches, chairs, birdhouses etc are subject to deterioration and joints can become loose when being moved.
Whilst looking good in their pot or planter they are often difficult to move and can sustain damage very easily.

If you have a very expensive statue or similar then you should talk to your mover about it. They may be able to offer an extra service such as creating a wooden crate just for that item.
Always discuss with your moving company any concerns that you may have as they have the experience to offer you the best advice.
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