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Welcome !! Comprehensive Removals is a customer oriented removal company, providing comprehensive removal services. No job is too small, too big or too difficult for us.
We have specialised in removals for many years and understand that all of our prospective customers have different requirements. We are a friendly team who can take the stress out of removals for you and give you a smooth service from beginning to end. We are fully insured so that you have the added assurance that you can trust us to carry out your removals should you ever need us.
We offer a cost effective service as compared to other removal companies found. We stand out as we are much friendlier and professional.
Our team have much experience when it comes to handling any removal situation and they have the expertise on every aspect of removals and the process.
Despite all the quality assurance we offer, you do not have to fear that we will work out an expensive choice. We are more than certain that we work out to be great value for money and you will certainly get the high quality service that you pay for. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you with removals.
We are willing and ready to come out and offer our removal services to suit your needs. We can handle whatever you give us. People come back to us time and time again for their removal needs. The large majority of the removals we do are returning customers. This makes us extremely happy and we are all about extending our customer reach with our excellent services.

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House and Flat Removals
Comprehensive Removals offer the same extensive services to customers who live in flats as we understand that not everyone lives in houses.
We know that flats may come with different access issues to those of houses but this does not stop us from carrying out removals.
If you require a flat removal and need help, we can assist you. We will take a look at where you are so that we can devise a plan to assess our access options and work out the best way of removing your items with no hassle.
If there are stairs and lifts that is all we need. We can handle large items of furniture during your house or flat removal with no problems, after all someone got them in there in the first place!
If you have large items like beds and kitchen appliances, we will remove them for you with no fuss.
We can give you a free quote for your house & flat removal job and will promise to be competitive with our prices. You can get hold of us at short notice and make use of our professional and reliable services, all fully insured and quality controlled.
When you come to us you are guaranteed that your items will be handled carefully and with great attention to make sure we cause no damage or mess.
We are fully insured so you can be rest assured during transportation and delivery that everything will go smoothly and without any problems. Your items will be completely safe and protected whilst in our care. If you have expensive items, let us know and we will increase our cover accordingly.
Get in touch with us to discuss your house & flat removal and we will come out to assist you and cover every aspect of your item removal.

Man and Van Services
We know that removals can be stressful at the best of times, but if you are moving somewhere new it should be an exciting time for everyone without any problems.
When you use us you can be sure that everything will go smoothly and completely stress free and you will receive an amazing service worth paying for.
Half the job is finding your man and a van but that can be a quick and easy tick on your list by simply coming to us.
No job is too much for us. You could be moving down the road, across town or even somewhere a bit further away, home or office we can be there to help in no time. Comprehensive Removals means exactly that. We will offer a comprehensive service and go the extra mile to ensure you get a man and a van for your removal job. All we care about is the quality of our services which we provide to customers and being upfront and honest in our pricing for our man and van service in order to gain your trust and confidence in using us again and again.
Every customer is different and every move we do will be different every time. But one thing is the same every time, your items and belongings will always reach their new destination in one piece safely.
Don’t be a hero. You cannot do everything yourself no matter how hard you try. There comes a time when it is not admitting defeat by calling in a professional man & van service. We will be out to help you get that packing and moving done quickly.

Long Distance Removals
Comprehensive Removals offer long distance removals. It can be stressful enough moving house whilst in the same town but if you are having to move from one part of the country to another, it can be even tougher and harder to plan logistically if you have a lot of belongings.
Comprehensive Removals is no stranger to some customers requiring help with moves a little further than usual. We have experience in helping people needing a hand with domestic moves over a long distance.
We have proven ourselves to be very reliable when carrying out long distance removals and have left such customers completely happy and satisfied with the service we provided.
You can come to us and tell us exactly what you need with your removal and we will devise a plan for you that will make sure that all of your items
are taken care of and transported accordingly.
Our expert team will take care of packing for you, offering a wrapping service to make sure that everything which is to be transported is kept safe and secure for transportation. When it gets to the other side we are also on hand to get everything unloaded quickly and safely and put exactly where you want it to go. Do not be afraid to ask us about where we will travel to. We are fully capable of carrying out long distance removal services and we do it proudly.
We are fully insured so you can be rest assured during transportation and delivery that everything will go smoothly and without any problems. Your items will be completely safe and protected whilst in our care. If you have expensive items, let us know and we will increase our cover accordingly.
It does not matter where you are looking to move your items to, let us know and we will show you what we can do with our extensive services. We are experts in removals and we want to make your move as stress-free as possible.

At Comprehensive Removals we highly recommend The Big Yellow Self Storage Company for all your storage needs.


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