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Welcome to Daleysmove. There is nothing more personal than moving home, when we first started to help people move home in 1948, the challenge was the same, moving can be stressful. In a recent poll, over 42% of people surveyed voted moving home their most stressful life event ever. That’s where we come in, for over 68 years we have been helping people move round the corner and round the world. Over that time we have worked hard to continuously improve and perfect what we do and offer.
Whilst our way of doing things has changed over the years, our determination and core values haven’t. It’s true that ‘you only get what you put in’, we put a lot in to ensure our Customers get the best world-class service they deserve and expect.
We work really hard daily to ensure that the service we deliver is consistently improved and that we always listen to Customers to guide our business. We offer a full-service moving experience, which means that there is nothing we cannot achieve in helping you move home, in addition to basic moving services we have a packing service, many storage solutions, cleaning service, electrical services plus many other destination solutions all designed with your unique and personal requirements in mind. We listen hard to Customers right from the first conversation to jointly design a highly personalised Move Plan, this is in addition to having your own personal Move Manager who will be with you throughout your move and beyond.
Our Customers tell us that they love our approach to moving and our reviews speak from themselves. If you’re on the move, we’re probably the best move you’ll ever make.
Just as we did when my father founded the company all those years ago, our aim is consistent with our Customers and our passion is in delivering a seamless and world-class moving experience. Regards Tony Daley

Contact: Chris Jones

Unit A3
Leigh Trading Estate
Butts Street
Leigh, Greater Manchester


Removers Insurance:
Aviva, C/O Basil Fry & Company 100654114CCI

Public Liability Insurance:
Lonham, C/O Basil Fry & Company 116295CH

Operators License:

Full Door to Door Service
When it comes to Moving Home, its important that you choose a Removals Company that can personally deliver every element of your Removal. We deliver all our Services in house, utilising specialised equipment and trained teams where necessary.

Storage Services
We operate our very own 10,000 Square Foot Warehouse in Greater Manchester, utilising Large 250 SqFt Storage Containers we can accurately load your effects in to these Containers at your Property, securely seal them, deliver and load/store these containers in our Secure Warehouse.

Full Packing Service
We can provide a Full Pack Service, within this Service we use professional packing materials and highly trained packing professionals. Where required we will utilise ‘Export Wrap’ or Specialist Cartons and/or purpose Built Packing Cases.

Owner Pack Service
If you prefer to Pack your own items, this is also an option. We can provide all the relevant packaging materials in advance of your move, we can also deliver these directly to your home address if required.

Fragile Pack Services
If you prefer to pack your own items, but would like some assistance in packing and wrapping your more fragile items like glass and kitchenware, our Specialised Teams can also assist with this.

Export Wrap Service
If your effects are being moved Internationally, or there is a plan to keep them in Storage for a long period of time, we can provide an Export Wrap service which will add an extra layer of protection to your Furniture and more fragile items.

Packing Options
We use the best designed, correct materials and will always ensure you are given the options around Packing and Wrapping.

Boxes & Materials

Mattress Bags
As Mattresses are made of cloth and materials that could be easily damaged or stained during your move, we will provide Mattress Bags for the journey to ensure your Mattresses remain clean, stain free and fresh.

Wardrobe Cartons
These are really handy, on the moving day we will provide Wardrobe cartons, you can lift all your hanging items from your wardrobe on to these portable hangers within seconds. Avoiding the need to pack, crease or re-iron your clothes.

Picture Frame Boxes
For any expensive Pictures and Frames installed in your home, we can provide Picture Frame Boxes which are specially designed to fit around your artwork to keep them safe and stored correctly during your move or whilst in storage.

Skills & Materials
All of our Crews are trained to the highest Industry Standards, including a quarterly review of their skills and additional briefings and coaching as it is determined throughout the year.
Our Crews are personally incentivised to deliver amazing service to our Customers, including being personally assessed and reviewed based on Customer feedback from Every Removals. When it comes to Skills & Quality – we leave no stone unturned.




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