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Welcome to Direct Removals. We are a local, professional and friendly removal company that has been established since 2006. Based in Scunthorpe and Gainsborough, we can arrange everything from packing, moving and storage. We are a local company and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and care taken over every move. We offer fixed price quotations so any delays in collecting keys or unforeseen problems wont cost you any extra. We also work evening and weekends at no extra cost and we can be flexible to fit around you. All of our services are fully insured giving you complete piece of mind for your belongings.

Contact: Nick Whipps

152 Scotter Road

North Lincolnshire
DN15 7EQ


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Packing for your removal:
Our customers frequently choose our full packing service, but many also choose to self pack for their removal to make the move more affordable. Packing your belongings can be a way to save a bit of the cost of moving – but only if you do it correctly. If you don’t pack your belongings well, they may break or become misplaced, costing you more in the long run through buying replacement items, and of course, some things just can’t be replaced.
Having good removals boxes is the first step to ensuring your packing and removal day goes well. We will advise you on boxes for your removal at the time you book to ensure you have enough of the right cartons for your needs. Even if you’re not moving with us, you can purchase removal boxes and packing supplies through ourselves at any point.
Although our removals crews are fully trained and experienced in handling and removals (as well as liking a challenge!), they are still just humans. Please don’t make the boxes too heavy for them to carry. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t pick up the box, neither can they. Pack light items such as bedding and linens in large boxes, and heavy items such as books in smaller boxes.

Choosing a removal company can be an intimidating experience – but if you’re armed with the right knowledge, you can make the right choice for your moving needs.
Sadly, there are far too many people ready to take your money who don’t take the appropriate care and attention to your belongings on moving day, or worse yet, disappear with your money and leave you desperately seeking a new removal company at the last moment when its too late.
NEVER choose a removal company on price alone. The UKs removals industry attracts many amateur companies with poorly trained staff and inadequate or no insurance. Make sure your quotations are confirmed in writing and that the terms and conditions are clear.
When you speak to a removal company, be sure to ask about insurance options for your move. Things usually don’t go wrong when you use a professional, but accidents can happen, and it is best to be insured against mishaps.
How much and what you need to move will also help you to choose the right removal company for you, as you need to make sure the company you choose has the appropriate vehicles and manpower to perform your removal within the timescale required.
Although estimates for small moves can be given over the telephone, it is always best to have a professional surveyor come to your home and give you a full estimate and discuss your options, such as packing services, storage and insurance.
If the removal company you’re speaking to doesn’t offer this service before the move, call someone who does.
Don’t just jump for the company with the lowest price – frequently it isn’t worth the savings you might make. Get a quote from a reputable local company who offers you the best service and value, who can move you when you need and who suits your needs.
Don’t forget certain seasons and days of the week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) are popular days for people to move home, and slots on these days are usually booked quickly. If you can move mid-week or be flexible with your dates and/or times, you may possibly be offered a better price.

We can arrange for you to have clean, safe and secure storage from as small as 25sq ft to 400sq ft at a local Self Storage Depot.
There are countless more reasons that you might need to put your belongings into storage. But cost effective storage, flexible storage terms – from a few days through to many years – along with secure warehouse and friendly staff ensure your belongings are stored just right.


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