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Welcome to Flo-Rent! Family business active since 2015
At Flo-Rent Removals your precious items are handled with care. We only use the best people and materials to make your move as smooth as possible.
During your move, we not only ensure that your furniture is neatly loaded and unloaded, but we can also be of service for example when disassembling and assembling furniture or packing the boxes.

Our positive attitude, honest advice and great service is what separates us from the crowd.

Contact: Floris Bergacker

'T Veld 3J

The Netherlands

We cover Europe on a regular basis!


Removers Insurance:

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Operators License:

Full-Service removals (local, long distance, European)
House clearances
Porter assistance
Furniture hoist services

Moving Away
The main reason you enable a removal company is most likely that you do not want to transport your furniture from A to B yourself. You leave the things that make your home a home than to the hands of people you do not know. It is then important that you can be sure that your items are in good hands and the move is as you want the move to take place.
On the day of the move we always walk with you around the house to close everything short again. After this the movers start with possible preparations such as making room or for example disassembling cabinets. Wood furniture such as tables and cupboards are also packaged with foil to prevent scratches. In the moving van, your furniture is covered with removal blankets and firmly secured.
Our installation service includes:
– The (dis) assembly of beds, cabinets and other furniture
– The connection and connection of washing machines and dryers
– Hanging up paintings
– The collection and hanging of lamps
For practical reasons you have to drill holes yourself for hanging the paintings.
The current must also be able to be closed when the lamps are collected and suspended. You are responsible for the supply of brackets and other small material for the assembly
In some cases it may be desirable to have the moving boxes packed by the movers. In addition to being sure that all items are well packaged and the chance of damage is minimized, it can be a huge relief in the period before you move.
For example, if you have a new job, you can spend the time that would otherwise be spent on packing well on your new job. Keep in mind that in many cases packing the boxes yourself is part of the relocation process: you have everything you have once in hand and you can find out which items can be removed and what you want to keep. So you start again with a clean slate in your new home.

Seniors get a little extra attention at Flo-Rent. Prior to and during the move, we take a little extra time to take a good look at your needs and in the new house we leave when you feel at home!

International Moving
Why Flo-Rent for your international move?
Are you moving to or from abroad? Flo-Rent Removals is also happy to help you!

We are in possession of a Eurocommission issued by the NIWO. This means that we meet the following requirements:

– skilled
– Credit worthy
– Trustworthy
– Located in the Netherlands

For more information about this permit, please visit the NIWOwebsite

Where are you going?
The countries we would like to move to or move from are:

Moving to UK
Moving to Germany
Moving to Belgium
Moving to France
Moving to Luxembourg
Moving to Denmark
Moving to Austria
Is your destination not listed? Please call me!


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