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Indalo Transport is a removals company based in Gosport with a depot in Mojacar, Almeria.

I offer fully insured house removal services to people wanting to move UK to Spain, Spain to UK, or between other areas of Western Europe. I also offer delivery services for expats wanting products from the UK, and local delivery services for the Costa Almeria region.
I believe in honesty, good service and value for money, and I strive for this within the business at all times. I will always keep my promises, and I always aim to 'say what I do, and do what I say'.

Contact: Mick Cox

The Sanderson Centre Unit 17
15 Lees Lane
PO12 3UL

We cover Europe on a regular basis!


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European Removals
Indalo Transport is able to offer a full removals service between Europe and the UK. Moving home can be a stressful process, but when you move abroad there are extra problems to deal with, compared to a move within the UK. Let us ease the pressure and take care of all the details for you. From your initial contact, we can help with every aspect of the move. Use the info below to help you make some of the important decisions about your European move.
Inventory ..
When you decide to move abroad, bear in mind that the cost of delivery to Europe will be more expensive than a move within the UK. Therefore, it is a good idea to ”˜de-clutter’ and think about what to move, rather than just packing up everything you have. The actual de-cluttering process can be quite liberating, and can make you look at everything you own in a new light. Questions to ask yourself about each item can include: Have I used this in the last 3 years? If the answer is no, should the item be kept and moved to the new home? Is it kept for sentimental reasons that still apply? Is it old so can I bin it or give it away to charity & buy a new one in my new country?
If you have lots of documents, you can scan them into products like Evernote, or upload them to Google Drive or Dropbox, and then get rid of the originals. However, bear in mind that there are set rules for how long you have to keep certain documents, according to the Inland Revenue.
After that, it is then the time to call us, so that we can make an appraisal of the removal, list all the items in an inventory, and work out the volume so as to give you the best price. The price will be worked out from the volume of the goods to move based on the inventory, and how far apart the collection and delivery points are.
Packing ..
If you don’t want to source packaging online, we can supply boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape for your smaller items, so that you can pack your own belongings.
Alternatively we can offer a full pack service, and will therefore do all the packing for you, which is a more convenient and faster solution for you. Whilst a more expensive option, this will take away all of the stress that packing normally involves, and means you can sit back and not have to worry about the moving process at all.
We will visit your house a few days before the move, and carefully pack away the contents of every room into sturdy boxes, using bubble wrap and wrapping paper for delicate or fragile items. We also make sure that each box is marked so that we know where to put it in the new house.
For larger items, we use a special bubble blanket supplied just for protecting furniture during long moves, and we have special quilted sofa and padded TV covers, to make sure everything stays in tip top condition.
We even have hanging garment carriers, so that your clothes won’t need to be ironed in the new house!
When we come to load the truck, mattresses are put into plastic bags, and we protect everything using transit blankets, to ensure nothing gets damaged.

Local Delivery
Indalo Transport offers a ”˜man & van’ service for the Mojacar and Almeria area. This service is mainly for local removals and deliveries, or could be used for the collection of goods from stores like IKEA.
This is available on an hourly rate, or by fixed price quote. If necessary, an extra man can be provided, at additional cost.
Call Mick on 634 33 64 68 to use this service.


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