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Welcome to Kongsberg Flyttebyrå, an effective removal company that offers moving from door to door worldwide. Based in Sande, Norway, we have over 25 years experience within the moving industry. We endeavour to stand out as the most reputable moving company in our district. Despite one tough market we will do everything possible to build a professional strong reputation.
To be greatest on relocation will never be an end in itself for Kongsberg Flyttebyrå but to be among the best will for us ALWAYS stand very top of the priority list.

Contact: Emlyn Webster

3070 Sande

3070 Sande

We cover Europe on a regular basis!


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Kongsberg Flyttebyrå can offer a wide range of services based on your requirements. On this page we will describe our services so you can choose the one that suits your needs:

We come to your home with the necessary packaging and pack everything from drawers to cupboards. We mark each carton with what it contains and what room it comes from making it easy to place it in the appropriate space. Included in the packaging is also dismantling of all furniture that is too large to be moved as a single piece.

We come with the necessary manpower and equipment and carry everything out of the lorry. We place it in a safe and efficient way to maximize space in the best possible way possible to avoid damage to your belongings. We carry everything with care in and put everything where you want it. Price of transport can be arranged in advance or we can bill per hour.

We sell solid and custom packaging boxes. For prices, please contact us.

We make relocation an enjoyable experience


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