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No matter what the service; Removals, Man & Van or a Courier, you can find it here...

We here in the removals team conduct both domestic and commercial removals service, which operates across the county and beyond.

We also have a small team whom specialize in Man & Van and Courier services too. We have experienced staff who have an expert knowledge of techniques as well as equipment required for a safer move of your items. We can deal with any size of property or premises and can move you anywhere in the UK or Europe.

We would love to chat to you, so if you need some advice on packing up your home or moving your Grand Piano from a 3rd floor flat then call us.

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Our Removals Service

If you want a full packing service, including dissembling furniture, disconnecting appliances and a stress free move then we can do this. We can do as little or as much as you require us to do. We have carved a name for ourselves as being flexible movers, this is because we have a fast variety of veichles and experienced removals porters at our finger tips ready to spring into action!!! We have being doing removals for nearly 10 years and have applied a modern approach to it, we use the best technology, best equipemnt and the best porters too (in my opinion). We have seen and done a lot; some examples include moving a grand piano to a 3rd floor flat in Bath, relocating families to Belgum, France and Switzerland and when it comes to office moves we have had the pleasure of boxing 35,000 books and delivering to auction centres across the country. We have even moved entire offices with over 30 staff in just 1 weekend ready to start work on the Monday.

Our Haulage side of the business is thriving too, and again that is simply because our ability to react FAST, we have lots of vehicles and lots of porters to get our clients goods where they need to be at a moments notice, and we do this time and time again, that’s why our light haulage side works so well and why customers come back time and time again.

House Removals

We can do it all from packing and stacking, to unloading and arranging and we will do it all with a warm smile and a delicate hand, moving has never been easier. We personalize our moves to you, we find out exactly the level of service you require; whether you just want us to load and unload the furniture or whether you require a full or part packing service as well. You may not have considered if you will you need your beds and dinning tables to be disassembled but if you do we can help with that too. Once we surveyed your property we will put together a detailed plan and a team that’s perfect for your move. When we undertake any removal job we have a meeting before hand to go over the detailed plan for your move, so the whole team knows what to expect. Your move is unique and we like to treat it that way.

Office Removals

Relocating your business can be a major operation, which is why we like to plan things in detail, with a detailed plan of how we aim to conduct your move with minimal disruption. It is important for us to visit you and form a plan of attack before sending in our specially trained removals team to make it happen. During the whole office relocation process, you will have a single point of contact, carefully coordinating your move. This is important because it means that everything is kept nice and simple, with clear communication throughout.

Piano Movers

Piano removals should really be dealt with by a specialist moving company who are experienced in packing and moving pianos and who have the correct piano moving equipment and the ‘know how’ to carry and remove the item safely.  Zelf will always go through certain steps when moving a piano to ensure that neither the instrument, nor the homes are damaged. It is not advisable to try and move the piano yourself. We will always require very specific equipment. A heavy duty dolly and skates (piano shoes) will be needed so that the piano does not need to be carried far. Strong straps are needed to secure the piano to the skate and cardboard and blankets are vital for protection. With an upright piano the keyboard cover needs to be locked. With a Grand, whatever can be removed needs to go, this includes the keyboard cover, the lid, legs – all of which need to be wrapped in blankets. The instrument will sit in the skates on its straight side and the remainder of the legs removed and wrapped. It’s more complicated when there are stairs involved and requires the use of 4 specialist to move it up or down the stairs.

Please call us for a quote! Doing your own piano removals is not particularly wise and it is also considerably unsafe. We will provide all the materials, including the outdoor lift if necessary and of course we have the expertise to carry out a safe removal of such a daunting item

Antiques & Fine Art Removals

One of the main worries when it comes to moving house is the issue of valuables. Will that fragile piece of artwork or antique furniture make it? When it comes to antique removals Zelf have a very specific method for packing and loading fragile items, both for removals and for storage.  We use various techniques to protect your valuables including crating (wooden purpose made crates) to ensure the safe removals of antique furniture and artwork. The materials we use also include cardboard, various different types of bubble wrap and loose polystyrene. Paper is used to protect china and glass before it is loaded in a cardboard box. Glass panes or mirrors should always have a layer of cardboard as well as bubble wrap and edges and corners need to be protected, as these are the most prone to damage. We can provide a foam material designed specifically for corners and edges but layers of tape or extra cardboard can also work.

Packing Service

Packing up your house yourself is by far the cheaper way to do things and `many people might think house packing services is an unnecessary expense. With certain items you may be right, however when it comes to the more valuable items and breakables such as glass and crockery, professional packing can make the difference between success and disaster. There is surprisingly quite an art to removal packing:- On any of our moves as standard we always ‘price in’ and include for us to ‘prep’ your furniture ready for moving using various types of blankets, stretch film, bubble wrap, etc. This ‘prep’ is usually adequate for the furniture, however you will still need to pack all of your loose items into boxes or crates ready for the removal men. Any item can incur damage ranging from scratches to gouges and even decapitation if it is not packed properly! That is why we offer a packing service where we come in and pack your items a couple of days or even the day before your move, and we are fast too, we can generally pack a 3 bed house in a single day.

We offer 2 pacing services:

  1. Full Pack – Where we pack everything ready for loading
  2. Partial Pack – Where we pack the breakables such as glass, china, ornaments etc.. which require quite particular packing.

Packing services requirements differ from house to house and sometimes there will be very little reason for house packing services. In other cases it will be essential and it is always worthwhile to get some advice from us.


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