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Choosing the right movers matters a lot. You would hate to rush through this process only to get your stuff broken because you chose a company too hastily. Packing your entire life up into boxes isn’t easy, and the risk of those boxes disappearing or getting smashed doesn’t exactly make you feel great about moving.
At Polish Man & Van, your London movers, we don’t believe there should be any anxiety lingering around the idea of moving. You’re making a big step, and you should feel celebratory, not anxious. Our team of professionals will handle your items with the care they deserve. There’s no misplaced boxes, damaged goods, or lost cargo to worry about. Everything will arrive at your new home in pristine condition. You can even rely on us at Polish Man & Van if you need storage services for some of your items. We make moving easy.

Everything began in 2005 when Poland joined the EU. A lot of Polish citizens emigrated to the United Kingdom with hope to find better, more profitable and comfortable life. A lot of people began by working very hard on building sites, in warehouses or cleaning to include few. Our story began with removals, to start off, it was just small companies such as man and van but as our experience grew we received a higher volume of contracted work including the transportation of high value goods. As a team we have vast amount of experience accumulated by working for several well established and highly renowned companies. After many highly satisfied clients, we decided it was our turn to make the service even better with a greater focus on the customer. Polish man and van employs only hardworking individuals who are very customer orientated and always smiling so you can rely on a pleasant service.
Our company offers a professional, affordable and reliable removal service for all our clients, all day and everyday from the UK & Europe. Our customer promise is that we are always punctual, happy to help with any requirements and you can be sure your belongings will be well looked after.

Contact: Rafal Gluza

3 witney Close
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London Removals

Moving house has never been easier. Our company will take the stress away, regardless whether you are moving a few possessions or the whole house. Our professional team are ready to accommodate any of your needs no matter what time of the day it might be. We are happy to assist with any requirements, including taking furniture apart and safely and efficiently putting it back together.
However, no job is too big or too small, we are happy to help with any of your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact our  team of friendly individuals for your personalised quote.

We can accommodate and personalise any requirements, however some of the things that we do include:

– careful disassembling of goods
– packaging whilst always ensuring it is adequately protected and well labelled if you need anything last minute
– safe and efficient transportation
– unloading whilst ensuring that your specific directions are followed and placing content in the appropriate locations
– re-assembling (if required)
– all unwanted packaging material will be removed
– we can offer storage at competitive prices

Storage in London

In the middle of your move, sometimes you don’t have everything organized right away. You do your best, but it doesn’t always quite work out as you wished it did. You can’t leave your stuff at your old house, but you don’t yet have the room for it at your new place, either. Where does that leave you? It sounds like you could use some storage. At Polish Man & Van, a London-based moving company, we can help. Yes, we specialize in assisting our customers as they move across the UK and beyond, but we offer storage facilities as well. For the affordable rate of £15 weekly, you can earn yourself 250 cubic feet of space for keeping your possessions.

There are two storage options available for your convenience.

1. Containerised storage often recommended for long term use, however it is not limited to. Our team can do anything from disassembling goods to transportation including conducting a complete inventory for your reference to a yard where everything will be placed in a safe storage container. All you need to do is give us a call few days before you require your goods and we will deliver it to you in no time.

2. Self storage is an option, if you have a preferred storage destination. This is where you inform us of the storage location and we will do the rest. This is particularly comfortable option as you can have easy access to your goods at any point.


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