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Welcome to The Removal Hub
Moving the People That Move the World
The Removal Hub is an expert moving company that specialises in moving goods from Ireland to locations overseas. For years we've been transporting goods all over mainland Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia and America.
Our hassle free moving service helps take the stress out of moving home. To ensure that your goods arrive in tip top condition we utilise state of the art hauling trucks. All our hauling trucks are fitted with GPS trackers and full air suspension. Every truck’s storage area is completely climate controlled, meaning your goods are safe from any fluctuates in temperature or adverse weather patterns.
Our truck drivers are professionals with years of haulage experience. The Removal Hub priorities the safety of your goods at all times.
We take pride in our years of experience and our hands on approach from start to finish. All our customers have a dedicated member of our team to assist them with all aspects of the relocation. We understand that moving home is an extremely stressful time and we do our utmost to elevate as much of the stress as possible.

With an agent in most worldwide cities, we can give you an up to date report at a moment’s notice. All our staff have been with us for over a decade and are extremely experienced in all aspects of the Removal industry. All relocations have the same team from starting to completion within Europe

Contact: Michael Blehein

Unit 5, Cornerpark Farm
Peamount Road, Newcastle
Co. Dublin
D22 CY64

We cover Europe on a regular basis!


Removers Insurance:
Wexford Liability Combined Liability

Public Liability Insurance:
Wexford Liability Combined Liability

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Removals and Relocation
The Removal Hub provides clients with a complete removal and relocation service. Our nationwide service offers some of the most professional and competitively priced removal and relocation services available.
Moving the entire contents of a home or an office can be a painstakingly laborious and oftentimes extremely stressful. This time investment and stress can be compounded by unprofessional movers that can delay a move or worse get lost with clients goods on route to the new location.
With The Removal Hub these headaches can be completely avoided. With years of experience in moving large items like furniture all over Ireland, we’ve developed incredible efficient business practices that priorities the safety of items along with time efficient services. No matter the number of items that need to be moved, The Removal Hub has the right sized fleet to quickly transport your items to their new location. Our fuss free service offers some of the most competitive rates available. With The Removal Hub you won’t have to compromise on price or on the quality of service.

Commercial Removal and Relocation
Our expert service offers a tailor-made commercial removal and relocation service that has been designed especially for the business community.
Any growing business will eventually need to relocate to accommodate their increasing workforce or need for a larger manufacturing area. With The Removal Hub, business owners needn’t worry about unnecessary work stoppage or downtime. We offer an out of hours moving service, that strictly limits the business downtime required. Our transparent business practices mean we’re able to give clients an accurate estimate of how long the entire removal will take. This allows a business owner to plan the move accordingly.
As always, our priority is the safety of customer goods so customers can rest assured that sensitive items like computer equipment will be secured and stacked properly whilst in transit.

International Removals
The Removal Hub provides clients with some of the most competitively priced international removal services available. Our services take the stress out of moving overseas by providing a straight-talking, transparent moving service that keeps customers completely informed throughout the moving process. To ensure customers are kept completely informed throughout the move we take advantage of the latest technology. All our state of the art hauling trucks are fitted with satellite navigation systems that not only allow our drivers to remain on the most efficient route possible but also allow the clients to know exactly where their possessions are. This, of course, means that clients are afforded absolute peace of mind while their goods are being transported.

We transport goods to:
The United Kingdom
All Over Main Land Europe

Specialist Removal and Relocation
The Removal Hub provides a specialist removal package that has been designed to move sensitive and fragile items that are susceptible to damage during transit. Our service takes extra care with these high-value items. We store, move and secure these items depending on the unique needs of the piece. Our climate controlled trucks create a perfect environment for fine art that could otherwise be permanently damaged by extreme heat or cold.
Fragile antique furniture is firmly secured to avoid movement in transit and particular care is taken to protect unique design flourishes that may be particularly susceptible to damage.

Long haul Specialist Item Removal
In cases where specialist items are to be transported for long distances, distances that will necessitate various different vehicles, extra care must be taken. With our years of experience and strong ties to third party transport companies, we’re able to offer clients a comprehensive item relocation service that prioritises the safety of your item.
We work closely with all third party transport hubs to ensure adequate precautions are taken when moving the specialist item in question.
We guarantee clients that no matter the distance their fragile item has to cover, on every step of the journey all safety and precautionary steps will be undertaken to protect the item from damage.

Take the stress out of your next move with The Removal Hub.


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