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Trunk Logistics are an Essex based removal company and can help with your move from any location within the UK. We have helped many people with their move in the 10 years of trading and many more years experience .

Trunk Logistics understand that everyone of our customers has their own needs and also understand that no move is ever the same. We can adapt and accommodate any situation which maybe unique to you and we offer various moving strategies to personalise the entire move to suit your needs, timescale and budget.
All our vehicles are purpose-built to carry furniture and effects and our staff are fully trained to the tasks they are given.

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House Removals

Trunk Logistics offer a FREE survey, which will only take 30 minutes, to ensure that we can provide you with an accurate quote for your move.
Moving home can be one of the most exciting events in your life, and one of the most stressful. Experience has taught us that some people want to take an active part in their removal and pack themselves, and others prefer to sit back and let the professional removals company do the work. We do all kinds of logistics. Our experts will work closely with you to understand your unique needs.

Part Loads

Many of our customers require a part load delivery service or that just have small items that require a removals service, Trunk Logistics can provide you with the ideal service at excellent an rate.
We provide deliveries on a weekly basis throughout the UK and are able to supply a low-cost part or small load service by efficiently utilising the unused space in our vehicles.

Antique Removals

Trunk Logistics specialise in the packing and shipping of antiques and fine art to any destination whether within the UK or a worldwide destination. With our experienced staff we guarantee both a safe and personal service tailored to your specific needs.

European Moving and International Shipping

At Trunk Logistics, we have moved hundreds of people overseas and have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in carrying out international moves, moving people and having a large network of partners around the world helps us provide a smooth and professional timely service.

House Packing

When it comes to removals, there are two important factors that determine the outcome of the whole process. Packing and transport are the key determinants of any removal. Packing is all about categorizing and organizing items in a bid to make them less bulky. To conduct a successful packing process, proper planning and understanding the process is important. Poor packing leads to damaged or disfigured items. This means that the client will have to spend more outside their moving budget in order to repair or replace the damaged goods. Conducting a house packing process is no easy fete. This is because there are numerous items in the house and all come in different sizes, shapes and materials. Some items may require special packing procedures whereas other items become difficult to pack due to their sizes. Packing is a process that requires utmost caution to ensure that you not only cause damage to the client’s items but also save on resources. In our company, we are specialists in house packing and we always strive to ensure we adopt the best packing procedures. Our staff have undergone and continue to undergo training on the best packing practices. All this culminates in packing your items in a way that they won’t suffer any damage or lose them. Moreover, we also advice on the best ways to pack your personal stuff to survive the journey.
By adopting appropriate house packing practices; our clients are able to enjoy peace of mind that comes with knowing your items will reach their destination in the same state that you acquired them. Moreover, our packing procedure enables us account for any item that we have moved. When choosing a moving company, be sure to choose one that has the best house packing procedures. This will save you a lot of money and tears.

Furniture Storage

We all know how badly stored furniture loses their durability and quality within a short period of time. There is no point in buying a good piece of furniture which we are sure will cost a good amount of money, then devalue it through poor storage. Here at our company, we offer furniture storage solutions that will suit your needs, and the best part is, it comes with a reasonable, affordable, and inviting prices. Well stored furniture last longer compared to poorly stored ones. Actually, most of the furniture cost us a fortune to acquire and some even have a meaning or symbolize something in our lives. For such important reasons, our company has your back covered as we offer the best solutions to your furniture storage needs. Offering quality and top-notch services to our esteemed customers is our number one priority at our company. We have invested enough in our storage facilities. We have a different range of rooms for furniture storage. We are conversant with and also use modern ways to store all kinds of furniture.
In order to be the best in our services, we offer flexibility in our terms of services, our terms are convenient for all kind of customers, our storage facility is insured, and easily accessible to all. When you move house it goes without saying that things aren’t going to fit in exactly the same way as they did before, and sometimes they don’t fit at all, Our bespoke and affordable storage facilities can give you the answer.


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