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Welcome to Wilsons Quality Removals. We are a Lancashire based removal company who specialise in both home removals and commercial removals and have helped countless numbers of people from Preston, Blackburn, and Blackpool to move all over the UK. Moving house is widely regarded as one of the most stressful events that any person can experience and we at Wilsons Quality Removals are dedicated to helping to make your move a less stressful event. We have been helping people to move since 2011 and much of our success as a removal company is through our attention to detail and that leads our customers to recommend our removal service to others.

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Moving home can be an exciting time but it can also be a very stressful event in the life of a person or family and one way to ease some of that stress is to use a professional removal company to help you plan and action your move. Whether you are looking to move house in Preston, Blackpool or Blackburn areas the choice of which removal company to use can be key to the success of your move. You need your removal company to be professional, friendly, efficient and be able to get you and your treasured belongings into your new property as smoothly as possible. Wilson’s Quality Removals are all of these things bringing with them many years of experience in moving people from the North West to their new homes all over the UK.

Domestic Removals
Wilson’s Quality Removals appreciate that when you move house you are literally moving your world and that move needs to be treated with the care and attention that it so rightly deserves. No two moves are the same and so here at Wilson’s Quality Removals your moving experience will be tailor made to your individual needs. You will find our quotes extremely competitive and coupled with quality of service that we provide we believe that Wilson’s Quality Removals offer the best value for money of any removal company in the area.

Packing Service
As part of our removal service we also offer a packing service with professional packing materials included. If you would prefer to pack your own belongings then we can supply your with packing materials if required.
Wilson’s Quality Removals offer a 50% discount on our packing service to registered OAP’s.

Commercial Removals
When you are looking for a commercial removal company then you have three overarching priorities speed, safety and security. At Wilson’s Quality Removals we aim to make your commercial relocation as stress free as possible and get you and your staff up and running as quickly as possible with disturbance to your business operation kept to the minimum.
The secret to a commercial removal is planning. We will work closely with you and your team to work out which items need to be moved in which order to ensure that you can keep your business operating smoothly during the transition from one commercial property to another. Some of the aspects that we will consider include access routes and room layouts at the destination premises. Our aim is to try to ensure that your clients do not notice a dip in your excellent standards while the move takes place. One example of this would be to ensure that your computer servers are among the first items moved as there is no point having networked computers moved if they have no network to connect to.
At Wilson’s Quality Removals we appreciate that to ensure the least disruption to your business during your commercial relocation then the best time for your move to take place may be outside of your normal working hours. You will find our team helpful and friendly and we will fit in with your requests wherever possible.
Internal Moves .. You may not be moving locations but may be moving to another part of the same building. We will still bring the same meticulous attention to detail to an internal commercial move as we would to an external commercial relocation. We will follow the same procedures in planning your move to try to ensure that you and your colleagues are back in operation as swiftly as possible.

Archiving & Storage
In the event that you need storage facilities for any of your equipment or files than we can provide secure storage with 24 hour access.

Secure Storage
The storage units that we recommend vary in size so there should be something suitable for your own particular needs, no matter how big or small they may be. You will have 24 hour access to your storage unit and the units themselves are under CCTV surveillance for added peace of mind.

House Clearances
Wilsons Quality Removals can offer you a house clearance service in Preston, Blackburn, Blackpool and across Lancashire. Of course it does not have to be a full house clearance, you may just have had a clear out and have some items that you wish to dispose of such as furniture that you cannot fit in your own vehicle. We will give you a free quote on your requirements so you know up front what the costs will be.
We also appreciate that often a house clearance is required after the bereavement of a close relative or friend. You will find that ours is a compassionate service and that while you may need to dispose of a person’s belongings we will treat those belongings with the due care and reverence that they deserve.
You will find our team are both hard working and friendly so that your full or part house clearance is as smooth and hassle free as possible. We are also very flexible so that we will perform your house clearance at a time that suits you.
We are fully insured and licensed and will look to recycle as much as possible from any house clearance in an environmentally friendly way.
Our house clearance service is available to local authorities, estate agents and undertakers as well as members of the public.


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