Moving to Europe after Brexit

If you are moving to another country, you need to know that your chosen mover has the necessary experience and capability to complete your move as smoothly as possible. Moving to Europe after Brexit is much more involved now. Move Assured are pleased that we have a network of experienced, and trusted removal firms to help your International removal go as smoothly as possible.

Moving abroad now is vastly different to a move within the UK. Since the UK left the European Union at the beginning of the year an international removal has become an extraordinarily complex matter that demands the services of experienced and capable removal firms. It requires more planning than a move within the UK and you should accept any help and guidance an experienced removal firm can give you.

It’s not simply a case of booking a truck to arrive one morning and off you go. Moving to Europe after Brexit means there is documentation to prepare, along with an accurate inventory which becomes part of the declaration. If you decide to pack for yourself, you need to produce a packing list as well, or at least write the contents on every box.

Our international members can complete the administrative side of your removal efficiently and correctly. With their forward planning your removal will have the correct paperwork in place to ensure border crossings and customs requirements occur without a hitch. If you are moving your permanent residence to Europe, or back to the UK, your goods should be free from any vat tax liability.

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