Removal Boxes Budget Student Pack

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Best value boxes for student moves



How to make moving house easier

Student Moving . Economy Packing For Budget Moving. 

Content list of items purchased.

Removals boxes  To make your move even smoother see our Moving Advice and Packing Advice on the home page.10 x Large
10 x Medium


1 x Bubble Wrap
1 x Marker Pen
2 x Packing Tape

Student move boxes are ideal for smaller student house removals.

Recommended usage for removals boxes

These removals boxes are ideal for packing your own treasured goods in prior to your house move.
How to wrap and pack for your house move.

You will have the correct size and quality boxes and bubble wrap to protect your fragile goods with. The boxes can then be sealed with the tape provided.
You can then use the marker pen to indicate on each box which room it needs to go to when you reach your final destination.
This process should put a smile on your removal companys staff and help you towards a smooth move.

See also the Packing Advice section on the Move Assured Home Page.

Snippet from Packing Advice re: removals boxes

Packing Advice
Your chosen removals company should be able to offer you various levels of packing options. They can offer everything from a full and complete packing service where you will not need to lift a finger, through to a ‘ fragile only ‘ pack. It is worth noting at this point that in line with Industry Approved Practice there is no insurance cover for the contents of boxes that are not packed by the removal company.

SELF PACKING , fragiles protection , removals boxes

If you opt to do your own packing then it is recommended that you start well in advance of your proposed move day to avoid last minute panic.
Get your movers advice on box size and quality. Do not use thin or poor quality boxes as you want maximum protection for your treasured goods. If you are putting anything into bags then try to use either fabric/ strong bags with handles. If you do use ‘ black bin bags ‘ then please please use good quality strong ones and tie the tops to avoid contents spilling out. Also only pack soft stuff in bags, bedding, pillows etc.
See more advice on the home page.
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