Nowship Worldwide Shipping Parcel Service

Worldwide Parcel Shipping Service

NOWSHIP has a growing number of Certified Affiliated Moving companies near you domestically and around the globe. Feel free to seek out a local affiliate or to contact NOWSHIP directly to speak to a local Move Assured affiliate in your area.

NOWSHIP Affiliates have been verified as a mover or international mover and a member of Move Assured.

Why does NOWSHIP work with Move Assured members ?
Our customers believe our moving innovation of threshold door to door box shipping is great for long distance or international moves. Sometimes, our customers need more and NOWSHIP directs customers to affiliated moving companies within Move Assured that we know can provide time specific pickups, short and long term storage, packing and larger moving services.

Services on NOWSHIP are especially designed and priced for those customers who wish to save money by packing their own goods and whose volume of goods are smaller than typically handled by moving companies.

We are happy to direct and refer NOWSHIP customers to local Move Assured Affiliates who can perform specific services including professional packing, additional packing supplies, short and long term storage, pickup of packed personal effects and local delivery of packed personal effects.

Please click on WORLD WIDE PARCEL SERVICE on the tool bar to use this service.
This service can be especially useful for commercial companies. You may have one or two archive boxes to go to an office in another country.
You may have a short time slot to get them there or you may want the security of going down an accredited route.
Whatever the reason NOWSHIP could be the answer to your logistics procedure.
Move Assured in conjunction with NOWSHIP have the ability to transport to almost anywhere in the world. You can forward to the whole of the USA, Australia, Africa, in fact almost anywhere.
Truly a Worldwide Parcel Shipping Service.

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