Twenty Ci Accredited Lead Generation

TwentyCi understands how we can help Removal Companies to reach out to their target Home Movers. We provide lead generation to the removal and storage sectors, covering 99.6% of the UK housing market. Initially, we talk with you to decide what level of Home Movers you wish to target. This covers selections such as house price, number of bedrooms and at what stage you wanted to reach Home Movers in the home moving journey – for example, when homes are listed as For Sale, or marked as Sold Subject to Contract. Based on these measures, we begin supplying you with a regular weekly source of Home Mover leads in the postcode areas matching your selections. The Remover can fine tune the postcode areas to cover and can also set the number of leads received on a weekly basis. This way the cost per week can be set and budgeted for. We offer help and advice with the many different levels of leads available from addresses only right through to us doing your marketing and posting out. Contact our team for an informed and helpful chat.
Lead generating can be very useful for any removals company looking to get their name out into designated areas. This can even be used in a particular area for a short while to judge what the level of interest would be.
A lot of thought should be given to the content that the removals company posts out and this is something that twentyCi can give invaluable advice on.
twentyCi can also offer the option of dealing with the post out information and content as part of their services offered.
This comes at a slightly dearer price but frees you, the removal company, from the time consuming office work involved in post outs.

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